Archetype Series, 2001
24" x 20" Color photograms of resin-cast babies
© Colette Copeland

The "Archetype" photographs are a series of 24" x 20" color photograms of resin-cast babies. The sculptural objects are embedded with disparate elements such as hair, cherries, chewing gum, and ground meat, giving each image its own unique "DNA". The images resemble x-rays of mutated specimens, resonating with the horror of genetic cloning gone awry. The work calls into question the roots of life and the effects of scientific experimentation such as bioengineering on the forces of nature. The grid-like installation contains a frontal and side view or "mug shot" of each image referencing the categorization and patterning of specimens. The lush prints elicit simultaneous feelings of attraction and repulsion as the familiar transmogrifies into the strange.