Trailer for Eastham Prison Farm, HD video (2012)

Highly effective for its artful panning shots laid over the guardian fence, Eastham Prison Farm presents a haunting message about space and time in the woeful situation of captivity.
Richard Bailey-- Poet, Filmmaker

Filmed in the abandoned building of Eastham Prison Farm near Lovelady, Texas, the site housed former outlaw Clyde Barrow (of the Bonnie & Clyde duo). Later Bonnie and Clyde returned to orchestrate a breakout of fellow prisoners. Collaborating with painter Michelle Mackey, we strive to understand and reconcile how history is recorded/preserved, as well as what is forgotten/erased. We question the role of the media in creating historical narrative and forging cultural memory surrounding notorious events. We also share a love of adventure—part of our art making process includes a performative journey. Like archeologists, we visit places of past events, looking for traces and clues, as a means to engage with cultural memory.