Feathernest Inn Series (2006)
14 minutes, digital video
© Filmed, Directed & Edited by Colette Copeland
Second Camera Operation, Creative Consultation & Technical Production by Anita Allyn.
Starring Jordanovich Baumgartenberger as the Boxer, Ned B. Cash, PhD. as the Pirate, Dr. Jay Lipoff as the Barbarian Warrior.
Music Composed, Performed and Recorded by Dr. Jay Lipoff.

The three-part video explores male childhood fantasies. Revisiting childhood dreams of who they wanted to be when they 'grew-up', these adult males play dress up, acting out archetypal heroes constructed from popular movie characters. Filmed in themed kitschy hotel rooms, the characters perform elaborate rituals in solitude, as their gestures transpose from innocent to fetishized.