How Does Freedom Taste?
a correspondence between The Victorian Woman and THE MAN

How Does Freedom Taste? 2016, mixed media, variable dimensions, relief printed postcards with digital c-prints and hand-drawn postcards, audio.

Installation of How Does Freedom Taste? (2016)
Exhibition Installation
Audio Excerpt from How Does Freedom Taste? (2016)
Audio Excerpt
How Does Freedom Taste? Book (2016)

During the summer of 2016, The Victorian Woman traveled on an epic month-long journey to Southeast Asia in an attempt to liberate herself from THE MAN. Their daily correspondence in the form of relief printed and hand-drawn postcards reflects their emotional struggles and curious revelations as they attempt to reconcile the nature of their relationship.

This project evolved from artists Colette Copeland’s and Adam Wesley Georges’ performance video work. Inspired by Dada and Theater of the Absurd, Copeland and George create alter egos to humorously question cultural and gender norms.

Colette Copeland