Gordon Sisters, 2007
Digital video, 1.5 minutes
© Directed by Colette Copeland
Filmed by John Woodin
Starring Anita Allyn and Colette Copeland

"Champion lady boxers of the world. Here we depict two female pugilists that are really clever. They are engaged in a hot and heavy one-round sparring exhibition, which is photographed against a very pleasing background, consisting of a park, with marble entrance and walk, and beautiful trees and shrubbery. The exhibition is very lively from start to finish; the blows fall thick and fast, and some very clever pugilistic generalship is exhibited." (Thomas Edison films catalog)

Inspired by the 1901 Thomas Edison film, Gordon Sisters' Boxing, the video pays homage to early photographic and cinematic studies of the human body in motion, while humorously recreating the spectacle of Victorian women engaged in 'unfeminine' athletic performance