Underwater, 1998
16" x 20" Color coupler prints
© Colette Copeland

The photographs entitled Underwater are a series of 16" x 20" color coupler prints, which explore the figure underwater, both real and constructed. The first part of the series contains fragmented images of a child’s body. Hair metamorphizes into jellyfish, while a body materialized, shrouded in mist. The images evoke the feeling of inutero. Other photographs examine the figure in motion. The blurred imagery elicits the ethereal world of dreams, where memory intersects with desire. In the latter part of the series, distorted images of a person and mannequin maintain an eerie, yet ephemeral quality connoting death and violence. The distinction between what is real and artificial dissolves in a blur of bubbles. Rich blue and orange hues contradict the dark undertones of the photographs.