Afterimage Journal

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Madness & Mayhem: The Aesthetics of Dark Tourism Vol. 39 #1&2

Off-Camera at Fleisher Ollman Exhibition Review Vol. 38 #6

Lena Herzog's Lost Souls book review Vol. 38 #4

True Fiction at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center Exhibition ReviewVol. 38 #4

Marina Abramavic book reviewVol. 38 #3

Perspectives at the International Center of Photography Exhibition Review Vol. 38 #3

Haunted at the Guggenheim Exhibition Review Vol. 38 #2

Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals book review Vol. 38 #2

Strictly Death & A certain slant of light at Slought Foundation Exhibition Reviews Vol. 37 #6

Tim Rollins & K.O.S. at ICA Exhibition Review Vol. 37 #4

Gary Hill interview & book review Vol. 37 #3

The Art of Limina--Gary Hill at Slought Exhibition Review Vol. 37 #1

Artists' Books as (Sub)Culture at Center for Book Arts Exhibition Review Vol. 37 #1

Interview with Perpetual Art Machine Vol. 36 #3

Not Short on Expression--Expresion En Corto International Film Festival Vol. 36 #3

Specter vs. Spectrum--Review of Specter Video Program & Sculpting Video--Review of Peter Sarkisian Exhibit Vol. 36 #1

Interview with Coco Fusco Vol. 35. #5

Media Intervention--Art & Society; the work of Fred Forest at Slought Exhibition Review Vol. 34 #6